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Started by TsGirl, Jan 28, 2023, 10:35 PM

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Modeling massage (figure correction)
Modeling massage is a manual body shaping that allows you to correct imperfections such as asymmetry, excessive gluteal folds, allows you to remove riding breeches, get rid of "ears" and "corners".

In addition, modeling body massage is an effective remedy in the initial stages of cellulite, and with excess weight in the problem area.

The movements of the massage therapist are distributed in such a way as to form, as it were, "sculpt" a shape that suits your figure.

I suggest you:

Lipolytic massage
A very effective massage aimed at burning fat and body shaping. One hundred percent effect!

Quickly evens out skin tone
Removes local fat deposits (thighs, abdomen, buttocks, riding breeches)
Milk (from cream) massage
Milk cream is rubbed into the skin with massage movements, saturating the skin with fats and moisturizing it. If the body can no longer saturate the skin from the inside, then the massage therapist has to monitor the shine and elasticity of the skin.

Massage for pregnant women
Massage for pregnant women effectively prepares a woman for childbirth.

And also massage will help to alleviate the condition, avoid some other unpleasant moments during pregnancy.

Many pregnant women experience back and pelvic pain. Fluid retention occurs in the body, resulting in edema. Hence the aching in the muscles of the neck, because you have to sleep on your side.

Massage for pregnant women:

Relieves pain in the back, legs and lower back.
Reduces the likelihood of varicose veins.
Prevents the appearance of stretch marks.
Improves blood and lymph circulation.
Stimulates the work of the intestines.
Reduces the likelihood of gaining excess weight.
Relieves swelling, especially in the legs.
Increases skin elasticity.
Relaxes and improves sleep.
Relieves depression and irritability.
Prepares for childbirth.
Almost all known types of massage can be attributed to therapeutic massage, because. they have certain medicinal properties.

Therapeutic massage is used for various diseases: osteochondrosis, scoliosis, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the cervical, thoracic and vertebral sections.

Therapeutic massage is: Gua-sha, treatment according to the Su-Jok method, massage of the collar zone, massage of the head, back, legs, foot massage, with flat feet, massage with arthrosis, with diabetes, with trigeminal neuralgia, massage with thoracic C-shaped scoliosis, massage for biliary dyskinesia, massage for patients with cerebral palsy, therapeutic massage after a stroke, etc.

Su-Jok treatment
Su-Jok - This is one of the directions of acupuncture, the method of which is based on the impact on certain biologically active points of the hands and feet.

Gua Sha massage is an ancient type of Chinese massage. The name translates as "scrape all the bad." With the help of a special plate, certain areas are treated, including various points and reflexogenic zones of the body, face and head. Reflex irritation with a special plate causes a powerful impulse, the microcirculation of skin tissues and organs is restored. The tissues begin to regenerate on their own, metabolic processes improve, the natural regenerative processes of our body are launched, lymphatic drainage occurs, and toxins and impurities are cleansed.

In what case is Gua Sha massage indicated:
Improving the condition of the skin.
Osteochondrosis. Blood circulation in the affected areas improves, due to this, edema is removed and the associated pain syndrome disappears, muscle spasm is relieved.
Cholecystitis. The Gua Sha procedure relieves spasm of the gallbladder, normalizes its motility, removes pain, relieves nausea.
Improving the state of the cardiovascular system: blood pressure decreases, heart rate normalizes.
For the nervous system: sleep improves, anxiety is relieved, appetite, disturbed due to nervous diseases, improves.
Carrying out Gua Sha massage on the reflexogenic zones of the lower back and abdomen improves blood circulation and normalizes lymph flow in the pelvis, which removes blood stasis in this area, relieves inflammation and normalizes the functional activity of the pelvic organs, leads to the resorption of adhesions.
Foot massage
Foot massage has a stimulating effect not only on the muscles of the legs, but also on the whole body as a whole. On the plantar surface of the foot there are thousands of nerve endings that reflexively affect the general condition of a person.

If you influence these points, the work of internal organs is normalized. With a foot massage, the patient's general fatigue disappears, blood circulation improves, nutrition and excretion of metabolic products increase. Foot massage improves sleep, reduces and eliminates swelling of the legs.

After a foot massage, immunity is noticeably increased, and the work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems is also stimulated, which leads to a complex healing effect on the body.

Indian head massage
Indian head massage relieves tension in the muscles and joints of the shoulders, neck, face, and head and includes massage of the back of the neck, shoulder joints, neck and collar zone, face and ear massage.

Indian head massage is considered the most effective of all oriental massages. The most obvious and quickly achieved effect is that head massage relieves neck pain, helps to relax the trapezius muscles (especially important if you work at the computer a lot), relieves headaches, and is effective even with migraines.

The therapeutic benefits of Indian head massage are enormous when done regularly and with a healthy lifestyle.

Therapeutic massage after a stroke
therapeutic mud
Will help you in treatment:
atopic dermatitis;
atony and spasm of the intestinal musculature;
arthrosis, arthritis;
deforming osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis;
cerebral palsy;
intervertebral hernia;
acoustic neuritis;
pyelonephritis, cystitis, enuresis;
radiculitis, polyneuritis, vertebrogenic pain syndromes;
angina pectoris, dystonia;
bruises, dislocations;
functional disorders of the biliary tract and gallbladder;
chronic bronchitis;
chronic sinusitis;
chronic tonsillitis;
chronic prostatitis, adnexitis;

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