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Top 14 Hottest Shemale Mistresses

Started by TsGirl, Jan 03, 2023, 12:16 AM

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1. The Beautiful Ts Lady Amber

Slapping her slaveboy abruptly on his face to wake him up, the beautiful Lady Amber stands over him, finding that he has decided to take a nap without permission when he was supposed to be doing his chores. "Now I'm going to have to punish you!" she yelled, even as she dragged him up and twisted his ear to the slave dungeon where he was sure to suffer some sexy punishment on his cock and balls.

"Your cock is truly pathetic. You're my smallest slave," she told him as she lashed his wrists and feet onto the rack after ordering him to strip off his slave uniform. "I'm sorry, Ma'am," he said, his face reddening in shame as his little cock grew from the excitement of being punished by this beautiful dominatrix, the beautiful Lady Amber.

After she got him tied down, she took her long, beautiful fingers and played with his cock, making it hard as she squeezed it and stroked it. The beautiful Lady Amber knows how to make her slaves' cocks hard as she exposes her beautiful tits. Then she unfastened her slave's feet and suspended them in the air, exposing his vulnerable ass for a good, hard fucking session. Then she fucked him, and he moaned. So did she because she loves to fuck her slaves. She loves to see the cruel humiliation in their eyes as they lose all sense of humanity when they're fucked.

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2. Ts Mistress Gwenn

Just look at Ts Mistress Gwenn's big beautiful breasts. Aren't they perfect? She is a goddess, but she has quite a mean streak as well. She's so mean that she has been known to leave her male slaves in rope and bondage suspension for up to 12 hours. In those cases, they even have to piss in a bowl while she tickles their balls. She is one wicked mistress.

When her slaves disobey, she loves to punish them. It's a delight to her when her slaveboys disobey her because then she just puts them in tight rope suspension and tickles their balls with a feather as they buck wildly in their restraints. Then she strokes their cocks to humiliate them and even presses their cocks in between her beautiful tits to squeeze them and make them so horny. But then she forbids them to cum for up to six hours later. She keeps them in a constant state of arousal, laughing at how pathetic these slaves are as she torments them.

Then there's the fucking – oh, the fucking. Mistress Gwenn puts on a strapon and from there on out she fucks those horny slaves into submission in their asses. Even as she fucks them, she slaps their asses and asks how they like being fucked. "It's wonderful, Ma'am," they always respond, even as she fucks them harder.
If you like the beautiful Mistress Gwenn and all her sadistic punishments, you're going to really like

3. The Beautiful Ts Dominatrix Judith

You're going to love the Ts Mistress Judith. She tends to make her slaveboys so hungry to cum by fucking their brains out with one of her favorite strapons in her collection. The Ts Mistress Judith is hungry for her slave's pain. She loves to leave them begging to cum and then not let them. She also loves to leave them breathless after fucking them hard.

How would you like to be fucked like that by the sexy Mistress Judith? Do you think you could handle her biting tongue and cruel flogger before she culminates the action in fucking your brains out? Do you think you could bear her punishments, bear the whip, bear the fucking? Do you think if she grabbed your cock and squeezed it so hard that you got on your knees and begged for mercy and forgiveness that you could handle the dominatrix sex play mentally or physically?

The Ts Mistress Judith only seeks out the strongest slaveboys. She loves slaves that give her one hundred percent. She loves to torture slaves, but she rewards them too. If you give her hours of your undivided attention and worship her tits just right, she will let you cum, and she'll make sure it's an explosion of cum that only she can bring about in a hard BDSM sex play session with the Ts Mistress Judith.

One thing I like about the Ts Mistress Judith is how interactive she is. She always involves her slaves in their punishments, forcing them to speak degrading things against themselves. If you like interactive punishments, you're going to love

4. The Divine Ts Mistress Adrienne

Adrienne has a long, heavy flogger that she uses to flog you. Just imagine you're standing in the middle of a cold, dank dungeon, and then the divine Adrienne approaches you and places the handle of her flogger right under your chin. Then, with a sweet face, she screams, "Strip!" In terror at this lovely dom, you obey, and in a few moments, you're standing before her completely naked. She looks down at your cock and says, "Yes, this will do, I suppose," and then she rubs the handle of her flogger over your manhood. She laughs, and orders you onto the punishment horse, a cruel device you bend over that leaves your bare ass exposed. Then she takes some rough rope and tightly secures you there. You try to move. You can't.

The next thing you know, you hear the whirring of that flogger in the air. You can only imagine the pain and humiliation of that flogger coming down on your ass. You can imagine how you will scream.

But what you may not know is that the handle of that flogger also doubles as a dildo, and the divine Adrienne has naughty plans for your ass. She intends to take advantage of your ass as it is so vulnerable, so exposed, and penetrate your ass with that dildo. Yes, she's going to fuck you, and she's going to fuck you hard with that dildo. You can only imagine that the divine Adrienne will punish your ass with that flogger and that dildo, that you will be punished and tormented and teased till she forces you to cum all over the floor. You'd like that, wouldn't you?

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5. The Ts Lady Mistress Jessica

The Ts Lady Jessica is so beautiful, and her tits are so big. Those tits are her weapon of punishment and discipline with her male slaves. Good slaveboys get to play with the Ts Lady Jessica's sexy tits and get off to them. Bad slaveboys have to endure the lash even as the Ts Lady Jessica rubs her sexy tits all over their bodies and forces them to feel her hard nipples against their naked flesh.

So what are you? Are you a good slaveboy or a bad slaveboy? Would the Ts Lady Jessica let you play with her tits like a panting slave dog you are? Or would you be flogged while the Ts Lady Jessica rubs her sexy breasts and nipples all over your body while forbidding you to cum? But don't forget about the best part of the punishment. You see, the Lady Jessica likes to fuck her slaveboys till they get hard and even fuck them till they shoot their loads all over the floor.

She has been known to suspend her slaveboys in the air with tight rope with their gaping asses just waiting to be plowed and punished with a strapon, and then she fucks them till they cum. Sometimes she even takes them down and forces them to lick her boots after they have shot her load. Do you think you would like the Ts Lady Jessica to force you to lick her boots? To fuck you? Maybe you'd like it, being the pathetic little slaveboy that you are.
I know you want the Ts Lady Jessica to punish you, and now she can!

6. Fucking a Male Slave By Ts Brittnay

Ts Brittany uses three female assistants to punish one male slave, so any male slave being punished by Lady Brittany will have four beautiful women punishing him at the same time. All those beautiful women flogging that slaveboy as he lies tied to a table, excited at his punishment.

But the best part that Mistress Brittany loves is the multiple women fucking him. Each of these beautiful creatures dons their cruel strapons and glare at the wide-eyed slave as they approach him, stroking his cock, slapping it occasionally, grabbing it, and threatening to fuck him. And fuck him they shall! Now the slave is bent over the fucking bench and ready to have his naked slave ass explored by these beautiful women and their cruel strapons. Soon he will be moaning from the intense and insane fucking.

"Fuck him!" Lady Brittany demands as one of her assistants presses that hard strapon deep into her slave's ass. She fucks him well, and Lady Brittany is pleased. Soon the second assistant and then the third fucks him till he shoots his load all over the floor. "You're going to clean that up, my little bitch slave boy!" Ts Brittany declares as she comes behind him preparing to give him the last fucking of the punishment session, ready to plow his ass and make him howl to cum again.

7. Ts Mistress Claudia

Oh, the Ts Mistress Claudia is so beautiful, but she is mean to her male slaves. She wears long shiny leather boots and forces them to crawl to her and lick them clean. She chains their hands and shackles their feet and forces them to wear a blindfold over their eyes and then she screams at them to lick her boots with their tongues.

Their cocks get hard, and she laughs at her slaves for having such small cocks. Sometimes she brings her beautiful friends in so they can torment one of her male slaves together. They each grab his balls in turns and stroke him. But just before he cums, they always stop, leaving the slaveboy whimpering, begging to shoot his load. But it's no use. The Ts Mistress Claudia has no use for slaveboys that whimper, so she keeps them in a constant state of sexual frustration.

Then the flogging begins – long and hard. She loves to leave huge red welts on her slaves' backs, forcing them to wince and cry out as their backs and asses are beaten with those floggers. The CRACKING noise of those whips is enough to make Lady Claudia's slaves tremble, and then that cracking noise goes against their skin and they scream even more. If they're lucky, they get fucked hard in their asses by one of the strapons in Lady Claudia's extensive collection. Oh, how they moan when she fucks them. And how she laughs at their pathetic slave bodies as they tremble in excitement at being fucked, the pathetic little slaveboys that they are.

8. The Ts Mistress Wanda

The sexy Ts Mistress Wanda loves to play with her male slaves. She leaves them grinning even as they lick their cum off her long, shiny leather boots. The Ts Mistress Wanda gets into tickling her slaves' balls, and she uses all kinds of instruments of torture just for that purpose. She has the pinwheel, which she uses up and down, up and down the cock shaft. She also uses long, stiff feathers and her own beautifully painted fingernails. She leaves her slaves screaming with laughter and begging to cum, and all the while she smiles at them and says, "Can't take it, my little slave?" You're going to love the Ts Mistress Wanda and all her sexy tortures she can give to you.

The Ts Mistress Wanda not only tickle tortures her slaves' cock and balls, but she also beats them senselessly without mercy. She flogs her slaves till they are screaming, till grown men are crying and begging. And then the fucking begins. Yes, the long hard fucking. She loves to fuck her slaves till they have no choice but to cum. She makes them cum all over her boots, and then she forces them to lick it off, on their hands and knees. Perfectly degraded slave boys just waiting for this beautiful woman to give them permission to degrade themselves, even more, is all they are.

9. Ts Mistress Veronica

Ts Mistress Veronica's favorite punishment for slaveboys is to put them in hard stress bondage positions. One of her favorites is to put her slave in the strap to a position where he is leaning forward with his hands tied behind his back and his hands are also tied to the ceiling. That's how he's able to stay up. Now under normal circumstances, he could pull himself up painfully, and then be able to stand... but there's a catch.

You see, his cock and balls are also tied to an eye hook on the floor. So he's caught between a rock and a hard place, so to speak. If he pulls up too much, he yanks his cock and balls. If he allows himself to go down too much, his poor slave arms are stretched as the Ts Mistress Veronica laughs. Then, while the slave is in agony trying to find the perfect position which does not exist in that hellish stress bondage position, the Ts Mistress Veronica plays with the slave's cock, rubbing her fingers over it, rubbing a feather over it. To make it even harder, she blindfolds the slave and punishes him with hard SMACKS on his ass. She even tickles his balls and eventually makes him cum.

10. Torture Garden by Ts Mistress Rose

The Ts Mistress Rose loves her torture garden, all the sadistic and diabolical cock and balls torture devices she keeps on hand in her beautiful garden. She has a pinwheel that makes her slaveboys squirm whenever she runs it up and down, up and down the cock shaft. It's the repetition that drives her slaves insane, the repetitious torture of having their cocks and balls tormented by the pinwheel.

Then there is the flogger which she uses to beat her slaves on their bare asses. She loves to tie her slaves with their feet barely touching the ground and rub her tits against their backs and then CRACK that flogger against their asses. She forces them to go naked all the time and then whips them whenever they disobey. Oh, God helps any slave that ever disobeys the Mistress Rose. She punishes her slaveboys whenever they dare do anything without her permission.

She never allows her slaves to look her in the eye, except when she takes the handle of her flogger and puts it under her slaves' chin and then lifts their heads so their trembling flesh and eyes can look into her beautiful, sadistic eyes. Those eyes constantly ponder what the next torture will be for her male slaves.

Indeed, the question that always occurs to the beautiful and so mean-spirited Mistress Rose is, How can I make my slaves suffer even more? Then she fucks them. She fucks their brains out with a strapon. She makes those boys suffer, tortures their asses, rips into them, and fucks them. How would you like to be fucked by the sensuous Ts Mistress Rose?
If you like the beautiful TsMistress Rose and think of all the naughty punishments she can give you

11. Ts Mistress Delilah

The Ts mistress Delilah wants to play with you, ready to make you suffer and cum on demand, ready to toy with your blindfolded body as she caresses your cock and balls. Ts mistress Delilah can be very gentle with her slaves when they behave, though she has been known to slap them hard and flog them when they disobey.

Ts Lady Delilah believes in the value of good hard punishment, and she thrives on humiliating her slaves. She once even forced a slaveboy to go out in public naked and then get on his bare knees on the concrete and suck her strapon. Of course, it was the middle of the night, but the slaveboy's heart quickened at the thought that he might get caught. Needless to say, this is how Lady Delilah likes to punish her slaveboys.

Do you think you could take Lady Delilah's punishments? What if she promised to reward you? And you know the Lady Delilah is a woman of her word! She will flog you all day and fuck you long into the night, but she will always reward a good slave by allowing him to cum... after hours and hours of ass fucking that is.

12. The Ts Mistress Cindy and Her Slave Horse

The beautiful and very sexy Ts Mistress Cindy likes to degrade her slaves. That's why she has a donkey outfit that she forces her male slaves to wear whenever she wants to humiliate them. The donkey outfit is very simple – it only has three parts. The first is a pair of sandals with metal on the soles so it makes a loud clacking sound like a donkey. The second part is a pair of long ears that the beautiful Mistress Cindy forces her slave to wear in his humiliation and degradation. The last part of the uniform is the tail the slave has to wear, which is put into place with a butt plug that keeps the slave interested in his punishment.

After the slave has donned his donkey gear, the mistress has a small chariot in her dungeon that she forces her slave to pull her in. She loves seeing him break a sweat! Then she ties him down, takes out the butt plug, and plugs him with her strapon, fucking him without mercy.

13. The Ts Lady Angela's Dungeon

Step into the Ts Lady Angela's dungeon, where she tortures male slaves with sadistic punishments that only she can dish out. The Ts Lady Angela loves her dungeon because it reminds her of a Middle Ages prison where cruel punishments were handed down so long ago. Want to be put in the stocks for some cock and ball torture? The Ts Lady Angela has her pair of stocks for securing her slaveboys and playing with their bodies. She even has blindfolds and ball gags to make them wince in pain and torture.

The pinwheel goes over their cocks and balls, causing them to spasm in agony and ecstasy. The torture is unbearable but truly delightful at the same time. Her slaves' cocks get hard as she punishes them with her beautiful body, teasing them with it, her sexy huge tits, her gorgeous wet pussy. She even forces them to fuck her pussy, and then she turns around and fucks their slave asses with one of her collections of strapons. She even has different sizes and uses the bigger strapons for the hornier slaveboys that make her angry. Would she have to use the biggest strapon on you? You'll just have to wait and see what punishments and delights she has in store for you in her dungeon of pleasure and pain.

14. Ts Mistress Cynthia

Ts Mistress Cynthia likes real slave men. She is truly sadistic because she likes to see her slaves sweat before she punishes them. So she has them do her slave labor. Ts Mistress Cynthia has a white Porsche that she orders her favorite slaveboy to wash every day. And what is he allowed to wear? A pair of flip flops – and that's ALL. She likes to see her naked slaveboy sweating outside in the blazing sun naked as he washes her car. She says it gives him a nice tan, and it makes her pussy wet to know that her slave is so devoted to her that he'll even do her slave labor for her.

After the car is washed, however, it's business as usual in her dungeon. If he is clothed at all when he goes into her dungeon, she orders him to strip and forces him to stand against the wall as she flogs his bare ass a few times before she fucks him. She loves fucking him because he says it hurts a little – and she LOVES to hurt her slaveboys because it just thrills her. Causing pain is Mistress Cynthia's specialty.

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The slaves tremble in the presence of the evil Ts Mistress Lynn, who is known for her wicked, highly sadistic punishments. Her slaveboys' cocks have suffered such unimaginable torture as being squeezed till they turned from pink to purple. She loves to tie her slaves down and torture their cocks. That's why she is known among her slaves as the Cock Tormentor.

Have you disobeyed your mistress lately? If your mistress were the evil Mistress Lynn, you can rest assured your cock would suffer unbearable torture at her mighty, beautiful hands. She has been known to sit in a large, throne-like chair as she allows her gorgeous female assistants to tickle and tease her slaves' cock and balls till they nearly go mad wanting to cum. But if slaves want to cum, they must wait hours upon hours of teasing and torture.

Then, the beautiful goddess Mistress Lynn comes down from her throne and puts on her strapon as her slaves' eyes grow wide, and one by one, she fucks them, laughing at their moaning, fucking them harder and harder till they shoot their loads all over the floor. Then she forces them to lick up their cum, lest they be punished even more.

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The Shemale Goddess Lisa

Beautiful, stunning Shemale Goddess Lisa has a keen interest in fucking men. Her favorite position is to have them lying on a torture table on their backs with their hands tied above them and their feet tied in the air so it leaves their bare asses vulnerable and exposed for some hard fucking. The Shemale Goddess Lisa has been known to grab her slaves' ankles and even their hips as she thrusts her favorite strapons deep into their asses, forcing them to become rock hard in an instant and then making them cum all over their chests. Sometimes the slaves even cum on the Goddess Lisa's long, shiny boots, and she has been known to untie those slaves long enough to get on their knees and lick the cum off her boots. Although they lick until her boots are clean, she leaves their hands tied tightly and painfully behind their backs, reminding them of their status as a slave.

The beautiful Goddess Lisa has been fucking slaves for years. Her tits are perfect, and she frequently uses them to torment her slaves, rubbing her tits all over their tied, racked bodies to turn them on, but then denying them the right to cum for hours, until she's convinced they have taken their punishments well enough to deserve that right.

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Shemale Mistress Dade

Always horny, Shemale Mistress Dade plays with her male slaves every day. Her favorite punishment is the bastinado. For those of you that don't know what the bastinado is, it is a severe caning or whipping of the soles of a slave's feet. So when Lady Dade ties her slaves up, she likes to tie them with their bare feet suspended in the air so she can spank their soles.

Now the Shemale Lady Dade does not torture her slaves without reward, though. If her slaves take their punishment well, she begins tickling and teasing their cocks. She loves to play with a slaveboy's cock to get him just to the point of euphoric climax, but then she stops, leaving him whimpering to cum. But don't worry. The beautiful Mistress Dade will let you cum after a while, though it may be several hours. She has a long, stiff feather she uses on her slaves' cocks to get them worked up, occasionally using her beautiful, long fingers to wrap around the slaves' cocks and stroke. She even lets the slave play with her tits from time to time, but only if they're very very good. Can you take a good hard session of bastinado? Get your feet ready because that is how you can please the Shemake Mistress Dade.

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The T-Lady Mistress Barbara
The T-Lady Barbara is wrapped in a veil of mystery. Her slaves are always in awe of her as she swoops into the dungeon to hear the crimes of her slaves and then passes swift and cruel judgment on them to endure their punishments. Her male slaves tremble at the torture that she has forced their sensitive cocks to endure. One of her favorite tortures for her slaves is to hook them up to milking machines that force their sensitive cocks to cum again and again without mercy. She laughs at the cruelty she instills on her slaveboys. They are all afraid of her.

But she is so beautiful, which is why they adore her. She frequently allows them to worship her body, and she presses their faces deep into her sexy breasts. She even forces them to worship her feet and give them a tongue bath, just as she demands a tongue bath of her beautiful nipples. But if they do a poor job or worship the t-Lady Barbara, she inflicts her terrible punishments on them, causing them to cry and moan.

The Lady Barbara also fucks her slaves. She has a large, multi-colored collection of strapons of various sizes that she uses to penetrate her slaves' asses and force them to yelp and moan as she fucks them. Be afraid. Be very afraid of the beautiful and seductive Lady Barbara, but also be excited about her sexual tortures of desire.

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A. The forum is a space to discuss topics related Transgenders in the Uk. The Ts Escorts Forum Board is a safe and secure platform for trans escorts and clients to share their experiences and advice. This forum board provides a platform to discuss topics related to the escort industry, such as safety and security, boundaries, marketing and advertising. Also provides resources to learn more about the profession of sex work and ways to stay safe, including advice on negotiating with clients and developing boundaries. As well as encourages members to share their stories, successes, and challenges in the escort industry, providing a supportive and welcoming environment for all.

Q. Is this forum a safe space?

A. Absolutely. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment for members to discuss their thoughts and feelings in a respectful and understanding manner. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination or harassment.

Q. What is the purpose of the forum?

A. The purpose of the forum is to provide a platform for members to express themselves and share their experiences with others in the community, as well as provide a space for members to ask questions and seek advice from others. We recognize that gender identity and expression exist on a spectrum and that everyone is unique in their own way.